Schabefleisch – Aufnahme

Unter diesem Link gibt es die Möglichkeit das Stück „Schabefleisch“ anzuhören. Die Uraufführung war am 25. Mai 2011. Stefan Beyer schreibt über das Stück:

“Schabefleisch” (2010/2011) is a composition for acoustic guitar. The piece, whilst often being very quiet is not to be amplified, tries a new approach by dealing with aspects of the instrumental construction. Those aspects are being researched, explored, arranged, and put into a more far-reaching musical context. With hands and tools, the performer handles the instrument, which the title refers to as terminus technicus. “M”, a film by Fritz Lang from 1931, serves as the actual point of reference. The word Schabefleisch (Ger. ground meat) is being quoted by children playing in the courtyard when repeating a traditional counting-out rhyme, “Warte, warte nur ein Weilchen, bald kommt der Schwarze Mann zu dir”. Fritz Lang makes the story about a murderer the dramatic foil of the film, to in the end let the perspective shift and to plea for fundamental rights.