Die Athleten


Martin Steuber / guitar
Jakob Petzl / doublebass
Torsten Pfeffer / percussion

Music is a serious sport!
One has to warm up and strech properly before going for the drill. Also one has to consider little recover-breaks once in a while. We are almost ready, just hand us the well deserved protein-bar and there we go executing!

„Dehnübung Nr. 1“

is our first trio program of old traditional tunes from Germany, Scandinavia, the Balkans and Peru. Of course we don’t perform them neatly, what’s the point of that anyway, but make a rough and most unique routine of it. Trying to revigorate and free them joyful tunes from their all so fusty conformity.

So let’s plug the strings strongly and beat the drums loudly for to be full-blooded again!

Coming soon:
„Bauch – Beine – Po“ – the second program of „die Athleten“!


Nächstes Konzert

07.11. Johannes Kreidler, Der “Weg der Verzweiflung”
(Hegel) ist der chromatische. -HfM Dresden
11.11. Musik von Telemann – Panitzsch,Gast im SBO
25.11. Duo mit Theresa Sommer, Musik von Monteverdi und Merula, Halle
28.11. Duo steuber.öllinger bei Musica Nova – Gewandhaus Leipzig
01.12. Monteverdi „Marienvesper“ – Kammerchor Josquin de Près und LBO, Thomaskirche